Audiobook Cutter

Cut long MP3 files into shorter fragments

Audiobook Cutter is an easy-to-use tool which splits large MP3 audiobook files into smaller ones without re-encoding. The split points are determined automatically based on silence detection. Because of this feature, long audiobook recordings can be cut into manageable albums with just a few clicks. The cutter is applicable for all kind of spoken content.

The main purpose of this MP3 splitter is to make audiobooks, analog recordings of speech or long podcasts more manageable in a user-friendly way: The split files can easily be used on mobile MP3 players because of their small-size and their duration allows smooth navigation through the book. Additionally the application is good accessible for users of screen readers and screen magnifiers.

Take a look at what Audiobook Cutter has to offer:

  • Fast MP3 cutting without re-encoding
  • Splits large MP3 audiobooks with only three mouse clicks
  • Automatic split point detection (silence based)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Full accessibility for impaired users
  • Compatible with screen readers like JAWS and Window Eyes
  • Management of audiobooks which consist of multiple files
  • Average track length between 4 and 60 minutes
  • Custom track name
  • 'Silence Detection' threshold is selectable
  • MP3 file drag and drop
  • Automatic language detection: Dutch, English, French, German and Polish
  • Ready to run, no setup needed

Audiobook Cutter


Audiobook Cutter 1.7

— User reviews — about Audiobook Cutter

  • lesl

    by lesl

    "Missing Feature"

    I previewd this application. I found that it is missing the ability to preview where the breaks will be. I initially w... More.

    reviewed on November 8, 2007